THE AURA PROJECT:  What is in the space around us?

In this book of mixed media paintings and charcoal drawings, I explore the aura, or energy field around the human body.  These illustrations are based on 90-minute aura readings of people I know.  The aura holds a lot of information:

  • stresses
  • joys 
  • what is working 
  • what is not working
  • past lives
  • what is old and ready to be disposed of
  • what heals

You hold all of your answers in your own aura.  "What you seek is seeking you," as Rumi said.  

Hard copies and PDFs of this 85-page book are available in my Store.  Prints and originals are available, as well, and you can order your own aura reading (with or without illustrations).  For information about how I learned how to read auras, please visit Aesclepion Intuitive Training.